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Paint & coatings - coalescing agent in paint

Rhodiasolv® DIB

Highly efficient coalescing agents in coatings

Low VOC and low-odor, Ecolabel compliant coalescing agent

Rhodiasolv® DIB is an Ecolabel compliant mixture of aliphatic esters and a coalescing agent that meets tightening regulations around volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the paint industry. Rhodiasolv® DIB combines a high boiling point with an optimal evaporation rate during the formulation of low VOC paints without the drawback of plasticizers. Rhodiasolv® DIB has an extremely low odor and is proven as an efficient coalescing agent for architectural, industrial coatings and paints.


High performance coalescing agent in paint

Rhodiasolv® DIB is highly efficient in reducing the minimum film formation temperature (MFFT)  for a variety of resin systems. A lower level of Rhodiasolv® DIB is usually all that is required to achieve a defined MFFT, when compared to existing industrial standards. Unlike plasticizers, which permanently stay in the paint film and make it soft, Rhodiasolv® DIB leaves the film gradually and promotes hardness in the paint, enabling it to recover faster and resulting in better block resistance.


Key Features

  • Low VOC < 0.5%
  • Low odor
  • Low toxicity
  • Nonflammable
  • Ecolabel compliant
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Excellent evaporation profile
  • No plasticizing effect
  • Best Tg recovery
  • Best hardness development
  • High boiling point
  • Hydrolytically stable
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