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How Specialty Polymers are Improving the Plumbing Industry

The plumbing industry seeks long-lasting plastics for plumbing to create more sophisticated components that ensure that systems maintain peak performance and optimal safety for consumers. Common pipe systems rely on the advanced properties of complex materials to meet stringent environmental and industry standards. Syensqo’s high-grade thermoplastics eradicate traditional metal-based plumbing deficiencies like corrosion, scale deposit and contamination by heavy metals. Additionally, the chemists at Syensqo are dedicated to producing specialty polymers for plumbing that have significant potential for future innovation in parts manufacturing, durability and the acquisition of certified global purity and filtration approval.



Specialty Polymers for Drinking Water Approved Systems

Advanced plumbing systems must undergo rigorous inspection for water purity and drinkability before they can be implemented for public or private use. Syensqo certifies a broad range of polymers for water treatment systems and drinkability, ensuring maximum efficiency. These reliable polymers for plumbing are ideal for water system parts that must maintain long-term high performance, such as cartridges, valves, faucets, boiler pump components, pipes and fittings.


Specialty Polymers for Highest Quality Injectable and Moldable Properties

The conversion to specialty polymers for plumbing allows for exponentially more freedom in the sophistication of injectable and moldable polymer-based plumbing parts. Our moldable polymers for plumbing offer the most advanced formulations that are able to adapt to extremely thin walls, especially in PPS water valves, heat meters, pumps, manifolds, boiler components, faucet cartridges, tanks and threaded fittings.


Specialty Polymers Guarantee Low Absorption Rates

Specialty polymers increase resistance to moisture in plumbing components, which is especially effective for systems facing continuous exposure to hot and chlorinated water. While plastic commodities have a tendency for high water absorption, our polymers with high creep-rupture resistance maintain dimensional stability to ensure better durability and sustainability throughout the plumbing system.


Specialty Polymers Exhibit Reliable Thermal Stability


Today’s complex plumbing systems require high-quality materials that can withstand an extremely wide range of temperatures. Our unreinforced resins and reinforced resins are diligently tested to endure, adapt and deflect extremely hot water and steam for extended periods of time. Syensqo’s durable plastics for hot water and steam lead the plumbing market as polymers with long term hydrostatic strength (LTHS) and are ideal for high-pressure and extreme thermal environments found in the most strenuous plumbing environments. 

Syensqo is advancing the plumbing industry into a safer, more durable and sustainable future. Polymers for metal replacement in plumbing products ensure quicker approval for drinking water, more versatility for injectable and moldable products, lower moisture absorption and leading thermal stability over their competitors. Syensqo’s commitment to chemically resistant and dimensionally stable products sets a new standard of quality and reliability in the plumbing industry.