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Plumbing Systems

Specialty Polymers for Plumbing Applications

Syensqo’s family of specialty polymers for plumbing applications are durable, chemically resistant, and corrosion-free to contribute to an easier installation process and a more sustainable plumbing system. Our high-performance polymers for plumbing are specially formulated to combine low water absorption and extreme toughness with chemical inertness and thermal stability to deliver long-term performance in harsh environments. Traditional metal-based components for plumbing systems are easily susceptible to corrosion and contamination. Accordingly, OEMs demand tough, cost-competitive alternatives to increase performance and ensure safety for plumbing parts and products.


Syensqo's specialty polymers for plumbing are capable of enduring more than 50 years of exposure to high-pressure and high-temperature water. These durable plastics for hot water and steam are ideally suited for medium to long-term plumbing applications. Our comprehensive range of chemically resistant, corrosion-resistant polymers has advanced the plumbing industry in reliable product performance and level of water purity to help achieve Drinking Water Approved certifications. The advanced properties of Syensqo's long-lasting plastics for plumbing set the standard of the quality and production of injectable and moldable polymers for plumbing applications such as valves, fittings, manifolds, water meters and pumps.

Syensqo meets the highest industry standards for: Corrosion resistance • No scale deposit • No biofilm adhesion • No contamination by heavy metals • Ease of assembly • Low noise • Good thermal insulation • Lower cost • Weight reduction • Reduced environmental footprint.

Specialty Polymers Protect Water Purity

Plumbing systems must maintain high purity levels to meet the stringent industry standards for health and safety. Within each of our product families, we propose grades that are Drinking Water Approved, even in harsh chemical and extreme temperature plumbing environments. Our contamination-resistant plastics enact the highest levels of chemical inertness and hydrolytic stability to ensure long-term assurance of water potability. 

Syensqo engineers have formulated high-quality polymers for metal replacement in plumbing applications that outperform traditional materials and eliminate the concern of heavy metal contamination in drinking water systems. Our contamination-resistant polymers also lead the industry in resistance to harmful biofilm adhesion typically found in lower quality plastics and metal parts. For example, Syensqo’s Radel® PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) has extreme hydrolytic stability over conventional polyamides to advance potable water potential in piping systems.



Long-term Reliable Performance of Specialty Polymers

Intricate plumbing systems do not facilitate easy or continual entry for the replacement of parts. In response to behind-the-wall plumbing systems that are difficult to access, Syensqo offers high-performing polymers for plumbing that outlast lower-grade thermoplastics and traditional metal parts to prolong expected system life cycle and minimize the need for regular interaction with the plumbing components. 

Syensqo’s reliable polymers for plumbing applications can withstand chemical, thermal and mechanical distress. They guarantee no scale deposit, low creep and resistance to corrosion, temperature and oxidative aging. For example, Ryton® PPS is a moldable polymer for plumbing that combines chemical and dimensional stability with extremely low viscosity to allow for injection molding for thin-walled plumbing parts at very high temperatures. 


Typical operating temperatures



Specialty Polymers Outperform Metal

Traditional metal plumbing components are susceptible to corrosion that eventually builds scale deposit and infiltrates drinking water after long-term exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. Implementing specialty polymers for metal replacement in plumbing reduces or eliminates all common metal-based concerns. Syensqo’s polymers for plumbing also reduce noise, enable better thermal insulation and lessen the overall environmental footprint of plumbing systems when compared to any traditional metal plumbing product. These cost-competitive polymers for plumbing guarantee durable, chemically resistant and hydrolytically stable properties and provide OEMs with long-lasting and cost-competitive materials for use in today’s plumbing