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Consortium benefits

Capture value from spent batteries 

Together, Syensqo's Mining Solutions business, corporate team and partners can optimize metal recovery processes and value chain solutions while ensuring security of supply and reducing the carbon footprint associated with the EV lithium ion battery recycling process through hydrometallurgy.

Solvay Rold in a Circular EV Battery Metals Value Chain

Beyond battery metal recycling, “Syensqo ay occupies a unique position within the broader battery value chain,” notes Ricardo Capanema, Global Business Director for Syensqo’s Mining Solutions business. “The Group has extensive expertise in battery materials and relationships throughout the value chain and beyond, on top of its proven capabilities in metal recovery. This rare combination makes Syensqo an ideal partner to companies searching for solutions to achieve complex operational and sustainability goals.”


Advancing the circular economy by closing the loop  

Syensqo's chemistry closes the loop, moving the industry from a traditional recycling model to a circular model, as we recover critical metals at purity levels suitable for use in new batteries. Enhancing our capabilities with partners, the consortium benefits the automotive ecosystem, creating sustainable, shared value.  


Benefits for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

  • Access to a reliable and scalable recycling outlet for current and future lithium-ion battery chemistries
  • Compliance with evolving regulations

Benefits for battery cell manufacturers

  • Access to a complementary source of critical and scalable raw materials through metals reclaimed from manufacturing scrap 
  • Further potential to contribute to the circular economy by turning waste to wealth                     

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A circular future for hybrid and electric vehicle batteries

Lithium ion battery recycling process recharging

Hybrid and EV batteries recycling process