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White dotted bright colored LED smd screen - close up background

Light-Emitting Diode (LED)

Brightening the Future of LED Lighting

Consumers are increasingly looking to use LED lights over other options, and manufacturers must utilize exceptional materials to keep up with demands. LEDs are considered more energy-efficient than other solutions, leading the modern consumer or business to prefer them to other display and lighting methods. 

Syensqo's innovative materials provide LED manufacturers with the elements needed to create superior applications, including LED reflectors and electric gas. Our solutions offer qualities such as high initial reflectance, heat and light resistance, good adhesiveness, and exceptional moldability.

Improving LED with Quality Materials 

Our broad portfolio of high-quality materials enables LED manufacturers to create superior products with key properties such as chemical resistance, high strength, stability, retention, and more. Amodel® PPA, KetaSpire® PEEK, and Lavanta® HPP allow for exceptional LED reflectors.

Enabling Superior Display and Lighting Applications

LED reflectors and electric gas components require excellent materials for improved property performance. Manufacturers seek more pure raw materials to maintain impurity levels within a specific, narrow range. Our solutions are optimal for essential LED applications, including reflectors, packaging, and encapsulation for the low to high-power LED used at display backlight, signage, vehicle instrument panel indicator and headlight, flashlight, general and specialty lighting, and more. 

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