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LED Display
Display and Lighting Technologies


Inspiring Change In The Industry With Innovative Materials 

Syensqo's  polymer-based portfolio delivers excellent performance enhancements in the harsh environments often present in display and lighting applications. Our broad offering for display and lighting features trusted brands, including Fomblin® PFPE, Amodel® PPA, Functional Fluids, Solvene® EAP, and KetaSpire® PEEK.


  • Fomblin® PFPE - The Fomblin® line of perfluoropolymer technologies offers manufacturers exceptional chemical and solvent resistance properties for common materials like metal, plastic, elastomers, and rubber. Fomblin® provides an unmatched product line of lubricants that thrive in applications where heat, solvents, corrosion, toxicity, flammability, and service life are challenges. 
  • Amodel® PPA - These high-temperature polyamides retain impressive high strength and stiffness in extreme temperatures up to 280°C, and have a melting point of over 300°C. The Amodel® PPA portfolio of five base resins offers a unique range of product and processing benefits.
  • Functional Fluids  Anti-fingerprint coatings benefit from Syensqo Functional Fluids because they offer excellent performance in aggressive chemical environments and extreme temperatures. Today’s electronic equipment features water and oil repellency, cleanability, aunty-smudge technology and lubricity. 
  • Solvene® EAP - These ferroelectric and ferrorelaxor polymers provide ease of processing and a combination of incredible electromechanical properties. Its various grades offer transparency and critical features such as flexibility. 
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - Offering the best combination of fatigue and chemical resistance, KetaSpire® PEEK (polyetheretherketone) operates at high temperatures while retaining mechanical properties in temperatures of up to 240°C.