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5G fifth generation cellular network technology
5G Components


Strong Solutions for 5G Components

5G components such as PCB/FPC and fiber optics applications are crucial in modern electronics. From a structural standpoint, the influx of 5G means that more of its working parts will need to be produced. PCB/FPC are necessary in 5G applications, adding value with increased frequency and advanced design for modernized devices. Fiber optics communications need to be more and more robust to meet the evolving needs of 5G.


Printed Circuit Board (PCB) & Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)

In order to meet the challenges of high frequency and high-speed communication, PCB/FPC require materials with properties such as high electrical and thermal stability, high dielectric performance and flexibility (FPC). These solutions must insulate without compromising high frequency and high speed electrical signals. 


Fiber Optic Components

Fiber optic components also need materials that exhibit exceptional strength and resistance, as they play an important role in 5G applications. Sulfone polymers help fiber optics fulfill demands for tight tolerance, flame resistance, aging resistance, colorable properties and low relaxation.