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Server Cooling

Exceptional Server Immersion Cooling for Data Centers

Better than traditional cooling tech, Modern, robust server cooling technology is ever-changing to meet demands in High-Performance Computing (HPC)/data centers. HPC/data centers must meet requirements for energy and production efficiency. Maximum power requires a maximum cooling system to avoid overheating. The market requires low Global Warming Potential (GWP), increased operating temperature and safe server maintenance operation. 

Our broad portfolio of Galden® perfluoropolyether (PFPE) dielectric fluids enables exceptional immersion cooling properties to prevent HPC/data centers from getting too hot and malfunctioning. New technologies for total liquid cooling in data servers include open system technology with immersion baths and closed system technology with sealed blades. Our fluids offer less energy consumption, lower cost of ownership, nonflammability, low toxicity, excellent chemical compatibility and high stability. 


Exceptional Server Cooling Properties

With Galden® PFPE, Syensqo's coolants enable high-density IT equipment cooling while maintaining computing power. Galden®’s excellent material properties allow safe and effective liquid sealing, offering full compatibility with all electronic components. In server cooling applications, Galden® PFPE is known for its safety, direct liquid cooling, and ease of use.  

High-Performance Dielectrics for Server Cooling

HPC/data centers rapidly process data, which causes them to heat and require server cooling to operate smoothly. They are used as an alternative to mainframe computers and require a larger number of electric fans to keep cool. Our materials provide dielectric properties, low resistivity, low evaporation rate/low vapor pressure, safeness at high temperatures and material inertness. 

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