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4G and 5G cellular telecommunication tower

Base Station

Innovation for Next-Gen Base Stations

Base stations are critical in communication for wireless mobile devices, as they serve as a central point in connecting devices to other networks or devices. Base station manufacturers address reliable  communication, efficient deployment, durability concerns, security requirements, and regulations. As smart devices continue to advance, the 5G base station market is expected to increase and demand exceptional components. 
Syensqo's solutions for base stations facilitate lightweighting, radio performance, miniaturization, efficiency and thermal management. We offer materials that fulfill these demands, for example in antennas and wire and cable. 


Materials to Support Base Station Enhancements

Ryton® PPS is an ideal solution for antennas in base stations. It offers superior stiffness and mechanical integrity, thermal and dimensional stability, chemical resistance, post-process compatibility, dielectric performance and an outstanding degree of molecular stability. 

Improved Antenna and Wire and Cable in Base Stations

Our innovative portfolio enables better production of antennas and wire and cables in base stations. Our materials equip antennas with incredible thermal stability, flame retardance, creep resistance and post-processing compatibility like plating. We help manufacturers meet the need for lighter weight, more economic, greater capacity, higher speed gain at wider, higher wireless spectrum, utilizing advanced dielectric materials, than traditional antennas. We also offer products that provide reduced signal interference, heat resistance and long-term service life to wire and cable jacketing and insulation.  

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