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5G network digital hologram and internet of things on city background

Telecommunications & Hyperconnectivity (5G)

Innovative Material Solutions for Hyperconnectivity

With the ever-involving influx of 5G telecommunication applications, challenges in dielectric management, miniaturization, aesthetics, productivity and cost arise. Manufacturers seek to create products with faster speeds, more data volume, less latency and errors, better network availability and coverage and fiber-like performance. 

Syensqo's advanced portfolio offers a variety of materials with enhanced dielectric properties, heat resistance and structural toughness. Our solutions support next-generation innovation in hyperconnectivity with unparalleled performance that enables manufacturers to design 5G equipment and devices successfully.

Our Solutions for Telecommunications & 5G

Telecommunication network above city

Advanced Materials to Improve 5G Applications

Our broad portfolio supports our customer’s next-generation hyper-connectivity innovation with a specific focus on dielectric performance, heat resistance and structure performance. Our solutions are ideal for OEMs following the 5G product trend in future equipment.


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