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An Extensive Range of High-Quality Excipients

As a market leader, Syensqo continues to develop pharmaceutical excipients that meet the industry’s high quality standards and stringent regulations. Our range of specialty agents for pharmaceutical processing is manufactured under the required GMP conditions. Additionally, due to our strong global presence and worldwide supply chain, Syensqo delivers with outstanding reliability from our production units located in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific regions


Effervescent Agent

  • DSS Granular®: This family of surfactants is used as excipients in a variety of pharmaceutical production processes as solubilizers, dispersants and wetting agents.


Aromatic Excipient

  • Rhovanil®: This high purity vanillin excipient is used as a flavour enhancer or as a bitterness masking agent in various pharmaceuticals. Rhovanil® demonstrates the pure, sweet and long lasting flavor notes characteristic of true vanilla.