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Main Applications and Usages of Syensqo Excipients

Pharmaceutical excipients fulfil a range of usages to enhance the efficacy of end-use applications. These stable and inert materials serve as excellent fillers and diluents; disintegrants; flavoring, coloring and sweetening agents; suspension and viscosity agents; lubricants and glidants; coatings and preservatives. With a variety of high-quality excipients, Syensqo supports the pharmaceutical industry through numerous functionalities with our dynamic portfolio of effervescent agents, thickening agents and aromatic excipients.


Effervescent Agent

Effervescent agents promote optimal compatibility, offer superior absorption and increase the acceptance of certain pharmaceuticals. Our selection of excipients for effervescents provide pharmaceutical developers with safe and reliable ingredients to boost the overall performance and delivery of the pharmaceutical.


Thickener Agent

Thickener agents offer rheology modification for pharmaceuticals, when the end-use product requires a specific texture or consistency. Syensqo's thickener agents for pharmaceuticals provide thickening, gelling and emulsifying properties to help formulators achieve the desired results.


Aromatic Excipient 

Aromatic excipients are strategically formulated to improve the flavour profile or mask the undesirable tastes or odors of their respective applications. Our aromatic excipients for pharmaceuticals offer substantial improvements in patient acceptance and delivery.