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Manufacturing Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry


An Extensive Range of High-Quality Solutions for  Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

Syensqo's products for pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment are composed of industry-leading disinfectants for efficient sterilization methods and a family of high-performance specialty polymers strategically designed for single-use technologies in biopharma processing applications.


High-Performance Polymers for Biopharmaceutical Processing

  • Udel® PSU - As a high-strength polysulfone, Udel® PSU is crucial to biopharmaceutical production, specifically in single-use systems. Udel® PSU is a semi-tough, transparent thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and thermal properties, and it demonstrates outstanding chemical resistance. It has been tested under gamma sterilization—the preferred method of sterilization for single-use systems—making it optimal for the main components of biopharmaceutical processing including filtration, peripherals and containment.   
  • Veradel® HC PESU - A transparent, tough polyethersulfone, Veradel® HC PESU is the healthcare industry’s PESU polymer to offer an FDA Master Access File (MAF) for medical devices. With outstanding strength at high temperatures and several processing advantages over comparable commercial transparent polymers, Veradel® HC PESU is an optimal material solution for monitoring and filtration equipment and biopharma processing applications such as sight windows and quick-connects.
  • Radel® PPSU - A strong polyphenylsulfone, Radel® PPSU is an exceptional specialty polymer for use in various pharmaceutical manufacturing components. It is compliant with ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing and can absorb tremendous impact without cracking or breaking. Radel® PPSU retains its performance, even after prolonged and repeated exposure to high temperatures, chemical disinfectants, hot water and steam, which make it ideal for sterilization cases and trays, as well as in filtration and peripherals of bioprocessing, such as membranes and their additives, supports, housings, connectors, valves and clamps. 
  • Ixef® PARA - Ixef® PARA is ideal for various single-use technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, as it combines tensile and flexural strength with an aesthetic, ultra-smooth finish. Additionally, its high stiffness and strength mimics that of cast metals and alloys, which makes it optimal for components and instruments such as powder transfer valves, tri-clamps and fill/finish needles. Ixef® PARA is also highly resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants, making it an excellent material for the decontaminated environments found in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - This high-performance polyetheretherketone offers the best combination of fatigue resistance and chemical resistance for a variety of pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. Its excellent mechanical strength makes it an exceptional material for single-use technology in biopharmaceutical processing, widely utilized for membrane support and housings, connectors, valves, clamps, sensor housings and mixing elements. 
  • AvaSpire® PAEK - AvaSpire® PAEK is an outstanding material for various pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. These customized resins and compounds combine high mechanical performance and robust chemical resistance for usage in a wide range of sterilization media. These extraordinary properties allow AvaSpire® PAEK to become viable alternatives to stainless steel in fluid and storage management solutions such as multilayer bioreactors and finished product bags.