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2 scientists in a Room decontamination
Manufacturing Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Main Applications and Usages of Syensqo Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Equipment

Our diverse portfolio of products for pharmaceutical applications is widely utilized in various manufacturing equipment across the entire healthcare market. Syensqo's expansive global footprint enables security of supply for highly demanded sterilization materials and single-use technologies. Quality, reliability and performance are among our top priorities, as we continue to facilitate the safest and most efficient methods to decontaminate today’s pharmaceutical production lines and drive the innovative field of single-use technology forward with premium specialty polymers.



High Performance Polymers for Single-Use Technologies in Biopharmaceutical Processing

Our collection of specialty polymers for pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment offers an array of superior performance properties for today’s most advanced biopharma processing technologies. With industry leading sulfones and PEEK solutions, these high-performance polymers are the choice materials for a variety of single-use medical equipment, including filtration membranes and housings, pharmaceutical connectors and sensors and modern containment and fluid management systems.