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The Benefits of Chrome-Free Conversion in Metal Treatment

Whether manufacturers are relying on more eco-friendly processes or searching for economic benefits through metal treatment, chrome-free conversion serves as a multifunctional solution to some of the most prevalent issues associated with the use of chrome. As chrome-free conversion treatments become more desirable, formulators must be able to provide effective chrome-free ingredients for metal conversion. Syensqo offers formulators a range of ingredients for chrome-free conversion that promotes numerous benefits for manufacturers throughout metal treatment processes.


Eco-Friendly Processing

Chrome-free conversion facilitates more eco-friendly metal treatment processes and reduces the potential health and environmental safety risks associated with chrome. As national and international regulations limit the use of chrome-based ingredients for metal treatment, formulators must utilize more eco-friendly, chrome-free materials that restrict the dangers to environmental health and safety. Additionally, chrome-free conversion solutions can withstand lower temperature (less C02 emission), less to no sludge generation (no sludge to discard and/or recycle). Syensqo’s ingredients for chrome-free metal conversion aid formulators as they develop more environmentally conscious solutions.


Economic Benefits

Chrome-free metal conversion treatments also offer manufacturers opportunities to reduce overall costs. Baths containing chromium must be regularly cleaned to ensure performance, and if chrome-based sludge forms, manufacturers must set aside time and money to dispose of it carefully. Additionally, in chrome-based treatments, the water that becomes contaminated with chrome must be treated, separated and disposed of properly, which adds additional costs to the metal treatment process. Chrome-free conversion ingredients eliminate the costs associated with these processes, allowing manufacturers to reduce operational expenses, engage in eco-friendly production methods and maintain performance standards. Syensqo’s ingredients for chrome-free metal conversion, like AddibondTM additives, enable formulators to develop metal treatment solutions that offer wide-ranging benefits for manufacturers.


Reliable Performance Properties

Although chrome-based conversion treatments are known for their efficacy, high-performing additives for metal treatment can ensure similar or greater performance without the need for chrome. With chrome-free conversion ingredients, formulators can still promote required performance properties, such as corrosion resistance and adhesion, through metal treatment. Syensqo’s range of AddibondTM additives for chrome-free metal treatment allows formulators to create solutions that fill the performance gap and promote reliable efficacy in chrome-free conversion solutions.