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Explore Innovative Metal Treatment Additives and Chemicals

In addition to our extensive portfolio of metal treatment additives and ingredients, Syensqo offers formulators industry-leading metal treatment innovation and application knowledge. Explore Syensqo's advanced solutions to optimize metal treatment operations with improved efficiency and more eco-friendly processes.


  • AddibondTM Range - This range of specialty polymeric additives is designed to improve adhesive bonding and paint adhesion in organic-to-metal and plastic-to-metal applications. Benefits of the Addibond® range include a potentially shorter processing time, improved cost-in-use, enhanced process durability and optimized performance in conversion treatments. 
  • Lubrhophos® and Rhodafac® - These advanced anti-wear additives are exceptionally surface active and compatible in a range of formulations to prevent abrasion in lubricant systems. Lubrhophos® and Rhodafac® anti-wear additives also offer benefits such as foam control, corrosion resistance, emulsion stability, biodegradability and extreme pressure resistance.
  • Duraphos® - Duraphos® antiwear additives are designed to meet complex industry needs like advanced performance and improved sustainability. These additives are sulfur-free, ashless and have a lower phosphorus content compared to current technology, while also providing extreme pressure resistance and better performance than ZDDP.
  • AddikleenTM Range - AddikleenTM additives improve metal cleaning performance in challenging conditions, such as low-foam, low-temperature environments or in high-pressure cleaning applications. These advanced cleaning chemicals facilitate lower temperature cleaning to save energy, improved processing flexibility and low-temperature, 2-in-1 cleaning and etching.
  • Mirataine® - In response to a global demand to reduce phosphorus levels in wastewater, Syensqo formulated Mirataine® P-free hydrotropes. These phosphorus-free additives are compatible with various builders for improved metal cleaning performance and result in reduced foam generation in low-temperature metal cleaning systems. 
  • Rhodoclean®️ - Rhodoclean®️ offers an effective and biodegradable alternative to NPE and APE in metal cleaning. This non-ionic surfactant provides excellent cleaning performance and low foam benefits in low-temperature and spray or aspersion cleaning. 
  • Antarox®️ - This foam control agent delivers excellent cleaning and wetting properties, even at low temperatures. Antarox®️ additives are typically used in dip or spray cleaning in combination with primary degreasers, though it can be used in moderate to high-pressure spray cleaning. Additional benefits include biodegradability and low-labelling for more sustainable processes.