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Lubricant Components and Metalworking Fluids Additives

Lubricant Components

High-Performance Lubricant Components 

Formulators in the lubricant additive industry want more sustainable solutions that comply with evolving regulations but still offer reliable performance that meet stringent specifications. Demands for sustainability, improved mechanical performance, fuel efficiency, continued performance in extreme conditions, lightweighting and inventive materials require innovative lubricant components and anti-wear technology. Syensqo provides advanced, next-generation lubricant additives to assist formulators in developing effective lubricant solutions for a range of today’s industries.

Lubricants Additives Range
Syensqo Lubricant Additives Range
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Our Range of Products

In challenging industrial environments, extreme pressure and anti-wear lubricant additives contribute to more durable lubricants that absorb high pressure and speed. Our AW/EP additives meet the complex trends of the lubricant industry with flexible solutions for improved sustainability profiles and reliable performance. Syensqo's anti-wear and extreme pressure additives provide flexibility for formulators with ashless and sulfur-free additives based on phosphate esters, phosphites and phosphate amines.. Furthermore, Syensqo proposes additive options for incidental food contact and next-generation AW/EP additives with low-SAPS or SAPS-free technology that allow formulators to tailor lubricant solutions with precise performance features.

Solvay - Anti Wear and Extreme Pressure Additives and their benefits for Lubricants
List of Syensqo Anti Wear Additives and their Benefits for Lubricants


Key Products:

Lubricant additives must be able to inhibit the development of rust and corrosion to ensure metal parts do not wear or break down. Corrosion and rust inhibitors create protective films and neutralize acid materials to provide reliable surface protection on non-ferrous materials like copper alloys and ferrous materials like steel. Syensqo's corrosion and rust inhibitors for lubricants offer excellent versatility and can be used in a range of products to improve performance and promote longer service life in applications, including fuel storage tanks, distribution pipelines and vehicle fuel systems. Please contact our experts for tailor-made amines and inhibitors that meet the unique needs of a lubricant solution. 

Solvay list of Corrosion Inhibitors and their benefits for lubricants
Syensqo Corrosion Inhibitors List for Lubricants


Key products:

To achieve improved fuel economy goals and control friction in transmission fluids, formulators utilize high-performance friction modifiers in lubricants. Syensqo's low-SAPS and SAPS-free friction reducers contribute to enhanced fuel efficiency and aid formulators in meeting stringent regulations in markets like the automotive industry. Syensqo offers additives for friction modification that overcome current industry challenges, including our organic friction modifiers and our polymeric products in development. Learn more about our innovative friction modifiers or contact our experts.

Solvay - Lubricants Friction Modification Additives
List of Syensqo Friction Modifiers and their Benefits for Lubricants


Key products:

Seal Swell Agents

Seal swell agents are helpful additives for lubricants to ensure equipment is protected from oil leaks, lubricant loss and pollution. To prevent the degradation of seals, ensure moisture and keep debris from entering a mechanical system, formulators can utilize seal swell agents that enter into the cracks of seals and elastomers to protect the integrity of these components. Ensuring the durability of seals with lubricant additives helps promote proper oil circulation, adequate hydraulic pressure and good lubrication. Syensqo is developing a range of seal swell agents to enhance today’s advanced lubricants. 


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