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Trends and Sustainability

Lubricants Infographic

Innovation Driven by Market Trends and Sustainability 

With sustainability leading the trends in today’s metalworking fluid and lubricant additives market, formulators are searching for ingredients that can deliver outstanding performance, yet limit the negative impact on the environment. Syensqo offers an array of additives for metalworking fluids and lubricants that not only meet or exceed complex performance requirements but also provide benefits to help manufacturers reach sustainability goals.


  • Increased Speed and Foam Control

New generations of high-speed machinery and tools require metalworking fluids and lubricants to perform at increased speeds while simultaneously limiting wear and controlling foam formation. Increased speeds in next-generation machinery produce more foam that metalworking fluids and lubricants must control to ensure optimal results. Syensqo addresses these challenges with a line of new emulsifiers that offer ultra-low foam and enhanced defoaming properties that won’t result in soap formation or require additional defoamers.

  • Simplified and Low-Label Solutions

Changing and more stringent regulations call for versatile, simplified and low-labelling lubricants and metalworking fluids. Creating mixtures with fewer ingredients enables formulators to obtain OEM approvals more easily and reduce complexity in re-formulation processes. Syensqo offers a new generation of emulsifiers with milder labels and biostable emulsifiers that address changing classifications and labeling requirements. For example, the Lubrhophos® and Rhodafac® series of sustainable anti-wear additives improves foam control and low-temperature performance and provides benefits like low toxicity and reliable biodegradability.

  • Lightweighting

Manufacturers in certain industries, particularly the automotive market, rely on metalworking fluids and lubricants as they increase the use of lighter alloys, like aluminum, and introduce smaller and more compact engines to reach evolving weight-reduction goals. As these materials change in pursuit of lightweighting benefits, metalworking fluids and lubricants must be adapted for a range of formulations that will ensure anti-wear performance and staining inhibition. Syensqo's phosphate esters are multifunctional performance additives that can be used in metalworking fluids or lubricants to improve wear protection and corrosion inhibition and limit the staining of metals like aluminum in stringent environments.

  • Low-SAPS and SAPS-Free Formulations

As regulations become more stringent and sustainability becomes more important for numerous industries, formulations without sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur (SAPS) become more essential. Accordingly, metalworking fluid and lubricant ingredients that limit or prevent SAPS production are in high demand for formulators, especially as regulations continue to change. Syensqo offers a range of low-SAPS and SAPS-free components for lubricants and metalworking fluids. For example, our range of lubricant components offers several low-SAPS and SAPS-free friction modifiers and additives for anti-wear and extreme pressure applications.