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How Anti-Wear and Extreme-Pressure Lubricant Solutions Advance the Electric Vehicles Industry

Next-Generation Anti-Wear Additives: A Technical Bulletin

Discover Ashless, Sulfur-free Lubricant-additive Solutions for Cleaner Transportation 

To meet global sustainability standards, today’s automotive must become increasingly eco-friendly, and the lubricants used for their engines and drivelines are no exception. The automotive industry demands more robust anti-wear and extreme-pressure (AW/EP) solutions for cleaner gas emissions and better compatibility with E-driveline lubricants. These additives should ideally decrease friction for both Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) and E-drivelines to save fuel and electricity for new and innovative cars, as well as those already on the road. Additionally, these materials must be sustainable: free of metal and sulfur for cleaner vehicle emissions.

In this exclusive technical bulletin, see Syensqo's response to these market demands: an innovative polymeric anti-wear technology, specifically formulated to enhance driveline lubricant performance and stability and further the push toward zero emissions and carbon neutrality. Access our detailed analysis as we examine:

  • The state of the lubricant additives industry
  • How conventional technologies work, such as ZDDP
  • Alternative AW/EP solutions and ideas
  • Syensqo's approach to driving energy efficiency
  • Falex Pin and Vee test results
  • Physicochemical and thermal stability properties

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