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How Anti-Wear and Extreme-Pressure Lubricant Solutions Advance the Electric Vehicles Industry

As the electric vehicles (EV) industry continues to gain traction, OEMs face the unique challenge of improving performance with the use of cost-effective, readily available materials. With increasingly high expectations for the EV market, conventional materials are falling short of consumer demands. 

Zinc Dithiophosphate (ZDDP), a commonly used internal combustion engine oil additive, is still used in EV engine oil formulations and delivers around 70% system efficiency. However, these metal-containing lubricants, such as ZDDP, are unsuitable for EVs due to their lack of longevity and inability to withstand the harsh conditions and temperatures of EV engine systems. Accordingly, OEMs and formulators require alternative solutions to meet the ambitious EV market projections.  

With years of experience leading the automotive industry in the development of advanced lubricant additives, Syensqo offers a range of resilient, anti-wear and extreme-pressure (AW/EP) lubricant solutions for EVs. Specifically, Duraphos® 178 is a powerful anti-wear additive for EVs, and Syensqo's CYPHOS® is a series of ionic liquid technologies, optimal for EV formulations. These specialty lubricant solutions are equipped with outstanding performance properties to benefit EV engine performance and reliability.


Duraphos® 178 Lubricant Anti-Wear Additive

Syensqo's Duraphos® 178 is an AW/EP agent initially designed for oil lubricants used in drivelines and industrial applications. This high-performance lubricant additive is ashless, which gives it the advantage over ZDDP-related industry benchmarks. EV engine oil lubricants formulated with Duraphos® 178 are not only metal-free, but also demonstrate equivalent anti-wear properties and improved extreme-pressure performance than those formulated with conventional ZDDP. Additionally, Duraphos® 178 exhibits excellent copper corrosion protection and meets ASTM D130 industry specifications, which makes it ideal for use in electrical wires found in EV engine systems. 


CYPHOS® Series of Additive Solutions

Syensqo's CYPHOS® phosphorus-based additives are a family of ionic liquid technologies with optimal properties for EV systems. These ashless lubricant additives exhibit exceptional high heat stability as well as good AW/EP benefits. Compared to ZDDP and other traditional materials, CYPHOS® ionic liquids offer enhanced thermal stability and conductivity. Additionally, CYPHOS® solutions provide the benefit of tunability, as they are available in a wide range of structures. With very low volatility, intrinsic nonflammability, and excellent chemical resistance, these additive solutions are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions found in EV systems. 

Syensqo's advanced materials for EV oil formulations are built to last, as well as withstand the extremely high temperatures found in EV systems. By working closely with industry partners, these specialty AW/EP lubricant solutions can empower the EV industry to develop high-performing engines with increased range, durability, longevity and performance.