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Renewable Materials & Biotechnology

Preserving natural resources and supporting the transition to a carbon-neutral future

Renewable materials and biotechnology will positively transform all aspects of our lives, from the way we connect and the way we care for one another, to the food we eat and the planet we live on. Syensqo aims at redefining the way of producing chemicals, by combining chemistry and biology to convert renewable feedstocks into valuable and sustainable solutions that will preserve natural resources and support the transition to a carbon-neutral future. With a growing portfolio of bio-based products including guar derivatives, bio-sourced solvents, and natural vanillin, Syensqo is constantly progressing by investing in product innovation and assets along with strategic partnerships that complement and expand existing applications and expertise.

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Meeting the growing demand for sustainable and circular solutions

In order to meet customer needs, we take a holistic approach to embed circularity focusing on all three elements of the value chain:


Fast-tracking our Sustainability Ambitions

This dedicated focus on the development of sustainable solutions based on renewable carbon, biotechnology, and product end of life, will also play a fundamental role in the achievement of our 2030 sustainability goals, set out in the Syensqo One Planet sustainability roadmap. These goals include increasing the share of sustainable solutions in Group sales to 65% and more than doubling the share of Syensqo products based on circular sales compared to 2018, as well as reducing scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions by -24% by 2030.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a key compass for more sustainability

Syensqo is committed to developing environmentally friendly solutions based on sustainable renewable carbon, biotechnology processes & product end-of-life. Therefore, we use LCA methodology as a compass to monitor the environmental impact of our feedstock alternatives. This allows us to consider the sustainability performance of our solutions in a holistic way  avoiding any impact transfer.


Syensqo Ventures: an innovation accelerator

To achieve our goals, it’s necessary to accelerate through strategic partnerships with startups to access the technologies of tomorrow Our venture capital fund, Syensqo Ventures, enables us to identify and set up partnerships with early-stage startups with the potential to make a positive impact on the world. In response to increasing demand for high-performance, sustainable products across our key markets, and in line with our sustainability ambition, Syensqo Ventures supports the transition to sustainable, bio-based, circular and low-carbon emission materials with investments such as DMC.


Providing sustainable alternatives to traditional materials and formulations

From agriculture to personal care, food and beverages to automotive, Syensqo aims at meeting customers' growing demand for sustainable solutions. By increasing the share of renewable carbon in our product offering and developing new business opportunities enabled by biotechnology and biodegradability, Syensqo is constantly seizing the opportunity to raise the bar and reinvent progress. 

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Our growing portfolio of bio-based and recycled-based solutions 

Syensqo's Bio-based and recycled-based solutions portfolio consists of products such as Rhovanil® Natural, a natural alternative to synthetic vanillin, and Jaguar®, a polymer sourced from Guar seeds. Amodel® Bios is our new partially bio-sourced long-chain PPA made from non-food competing biomass and produced using 100% renewable electricity.