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A broad solutions portfolio of bio-based and recycled-based solutions

The portion of bio-based and recycled-based is on the rise in Syensqo. We already contribute to renewable carbon and biotechnology chemistry across many market sectors such as consumer goods, agro & feed, food, and beauty care with our bio-based and recycled-based solutions.



  • Rhovanil® Natural is a 100% bio-based range of natural alternatives to synthetic vanillin. 


Agro & Feed

  • AgRHO® boosts sustainable agriculture with bio-based biostimulants and tank mix adjuvants.


Beauty Care

  • Jaguar® is a polymer sourced from Guar seeds and is a natural polysaccharide with exceptional rheology properties.



  • Kalix® 2000 series is a structural material with optimal combination of strength, rigidity, and aesthetics for smart devices.



  • Amodel® Bios is our new partially bio-sourced long-chain PPA made from non-food competing biomass and produced using 100% renewable electricity.