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Flotation Collectors

Flotation Collectors For Greater Operational Efficiency 

Although simple in concept, flotation is a complex process involving many physical and physicochemical sub-processes, each of which can significantly impact flotation efficiency. For instance, even a seemingly simple change in the flotation reagents employed can have a dramatic impact on outcomes.

Syensqo flotation collectors are specifically designed according to mineralogical needs to enhance throughput, grade and recovery.  They can provide superior kinetics and  work across diverse alkalinity conditions. Offering higher selectivity than traditional sulfide ore flotation chemicals, our broad portfolio of flotation reagents includes collectors tailored for base metals, precious metals and polymetallics.


High-Performance Collectors for Mineral Flotation

Syensqo flotation collectors and promoters include the AEROPHINE®, AERO®, and AEROFLOAT® lines. These reagents improve selectivity for higher concentrate grades and better overall yields.

  • AEROPHINE®  An ideal family of collectors for base metal ores, precious metals and polymetallics. This line facilitates excellent metal recovery and is trusted worldwide due to its effectiveness at lower doses than competing chemistries and its ability to recover valuable byproducts, which enables profitability improvement.   
  • AERO® - Effective for a wide range of minerals such as copper, gold, and lead, AERO® promoters enhance the efficiency of flotation processes, improving throughput, grade, and recovery.
  • AEROFLOAT® - This family of selective flotation collectors provides improved metallurgical performance capabilities and higher selectivity for precious and base metals and minerals.