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Versatile Polymer Solutions for Downhole Applications

As the energy industry balances performance and sustainability requirements, operators and equipment suppliers continue to search for materials that enable enhanced efficiency and reliability in various applications. In downhole applications, such as production tubulars, or hydraulic fracturing, any materials may experience extreme temperatures, high pressure and aggressive oilfield fluid exposure. Syensqo offers several unique solutions for essential sealing products and structural applications, as well as consumable applications designed to optimize downhole operations through improvements to polymer durability and overall performance profiles.

Sealing Solutions

Seals are critical components in upstream, midstream and downstream energy processes. With the diversity of oil and gas applications and the uniquely demanding conditions of the industry, sealing solutions that deliver reliable performance are essential for optimizing seals, O-rings, gaskets and other components. Seals, O-rings and gaskets are typically manufactured with high-performing elastomers that are resistant to fatigue, chemicals, extremely high and low temperatures and highly sour environments; depending on the application, they can be supported by backup rings.

Our portfolio of products for oil and gas sealing includes Tecnoflon® FKM and FFKM, KetaSpire® PEEK, which offer versatile, reliable and long-lasting properties for seals, O-rings, gaskets and more in the energy industry.

Casings and Production Tubulars

Casings and production tubulars play a critical role in oil and gas production processes. Traditionally developed from metals, downhole tubulars are required to maintain high strength and rigidity despite continual exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme thermal conditions. Manufacturers are reexamining the advantages of steel tubulars. In the process, they are evaluating polymer-based solutions as an alternative - or an enhancement to - carbon steel, through a lining or coating.

Syensqo offers a diverse portfolio of high-performance polymers that provide optimal properties for casings and production tubulars, including outstanding strength, stiffness, chemical resistance and fatigue resistance. Key brands include Solef® PVDF, Ryton® PPS and KetaSpire® PEEK