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Gas booster compressor reciprocating type drive by high voltage electric motor to compress light gases to process

Equipment Components

Specialty Polymers for Oil and Gas Equipment Components

The energy industry faces unique challenges regarding equipment durability and performance. Harsh performance environments expose oil and gas equipment components to harmful conditions, such as unpredictable weather and corrosive substances. Equipment, gas compressors and pump components used for oil and gas production are subject to extreme conditions that lead to higher maintenance costs and sustainability concerns. Material selection is critically important for oil and gas parts since it can significantly impact production efficiency and reliability. 

Syensqo's advanced polymers thrive in demanding environments while increasing resource efficiency, reducing downtime, and contributing to sustainability improvements, whether at work as compressor plates, backup rings, valve seats or wherever else polymers are replacing corrosion-prone metals in oil and gas parts. Our selection of materials also provides optimal design freedom while reducing part production time and costs. 

Enhancing Equipment with Reliable Compressor Components

Specialized equipment used in oil and gas applications is subject to demanding, corrosive environments. However, components are expected to withstand these conditions as there is a greater push than ever to reduce downtime and repairs and improve overall operational performance. Syensqo's high-performance polymers enable metal replacement and enhancement, providing excellent durability and toughness in harsh conditions. Plates and poppets for gas compressors, backup rings and valve seats are among the applications for which oil and gas producers and their OEMs rely on Syensqo. Our polymers shine in environments where exceptional high temperatures, pressures, corrosion and chemical resistance requirements are non-negotiable.

High-Performance Products for Oil & Gas Equipment Components 

Syensqo offers a diverse range of unique material solutions to provide equipment, compressors and pumps outstanding strength, toughness and improved resistance performance in demanding operational scenarios. Our offer includes KetaSpire® PEEK, Tecnoflon® FKM, AvaSpire® PAEK, Halar® ECTFE, Ryton® PPS, Amodel® PPA and Torlon® PAI.

Optimized Usages for Equipment, Compressors and Pumps

Energy production is no easy task. Operators require a vast network of equipment to achieve efficient oil and gas production in extreme environments. Syensqo's innovative material solutions enable improved performance in equipment, compressors, and pumps exposed to increasingly harsh temperatures, pressures, and chemicals.

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