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Seals for Safe Energy Access and Transportation 

The energy industry continues to evolve as safely accessing and transporting oil and gas remains a challenge. Engineers and manufacturers continue to search for innovative solutions that improve efficiency and performance. Among their challenges is to identify materials that are well-suited for use over wide temperature ranges and exposure to numerous chemicals, and that meet stringent regulatory requirements. Syensqo offers advanced materials designed to improve a variety of critical sealing applications in the energy industry.


Seals, O-Rings and Gaskets

These versatile components are used in nearly every stage of oil and gas processing. Seals, O-rings and gaskets are typically manufactured with materials like high-performing elastomers that are resistant to fatigue, chemicals, extremely high and low temperatures and highly sour environments. Manufacturers and engineers must optimize sealing components with specialized materials depending on the unique performance requirements of each application.


Back-Up Rings

Despite their simple design, back-up rings support reliable and long-lasting seals when developed with advanced polymers that provide strength, stiffness, wear resistance and thermal performance. Back-up rings require innovative materials as they are exposed to broader temperature ranges, higher pressures and more aggressive chemical environments.


Packer Elements

Packer elements are essential sealing components that enhance efficiency by keeping fluids and pressure from creating leaks out of joints. These sealing products are typically developed with elastomer-based materials that can withstand extremely high temperatures up to 300°C and maintain performance despite exposure to harsh oilfield chemicals.