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Corrosion and Scale Inhibition

Corrosion and Scale Inhibition

Efficient Solutions for Corrosion and Scale Inhibition 

Industrial water treatment processes vary, requiring tailored additives to ensure optimal performance and inhibit potentially damaging outcomes like the formation of scale or corrosion. With advanced corrosion inhibition and scale control solutions, water service companies and chemical suppliers can maintain high flow rates and promote long-lasting efficiency in water treatment applications. Syensqo’s corrosion inhibitors and scale control products deliver reliable results even at low doses, enabling formulators of water treatment solutions to cost-effectively maintain performance despite the challenging conditions they face.


Top Solutions for Corrosion and Scale Inhibition 

Syensqo offers multiple product families to meet the specialized needs of water service companies and chemical suppliers. Our nitrogen derivative solutions, phosphate esters, surfactants, and anti-scaling agents are compatible with a broad range of water treatment systems and withstand demanding environments. Explore our top brands, including Fentamine®, Miramine®, Mirataine®, Fentacare®, Rhodafac®, Geropon® and more.