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Microbial Control

Microbial Control

Reliable Microbial Control in Industrial Water Treatment

The presence of bacteria and microbes in industrial water has serious consequences for efficiency, safety, system longevity, and end-use applications. In water treatment, additives for microbial control must perform over a wide range of temperatures and pH ranges and be compatible with other water treatment chemicals. 

With decades of experience in the water treatment industry, Syensqo offers a variety of highly effective solutions for microbial control in industrial water treatment environments. Our biocides and additives deliver exceptional performance and compatibility for a broad range of industrial water systems.


Discover Effective Biocidal Solutions for Microbial Control

In industrial water treatment, biocides and other water treatment additives limit the growth of harmful microbes that can damage water treatment systems and end-use products. Syensqo's portfolio of solutions for microbial control, including brands like Fentacare®, and Glokill®, deliver efficient and reliable disinfection for optimized industrial water treatment operations.