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Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Superior Heat Resistance and Hydrolytic Stability

Market Challenges for Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are subject to various conditions that can compromise their integrity. From chronic exposure to saline content, to harsh chemical cleanings, the end result can be a decrease in efficiency and overall water treatment effectiveness. Commonly used in the industry, polycarbonates require frequent maintenance, falling short in the most demanding environments. On the other hand, polysulfones exhibit superior thermal stability, hydrolytic stability, flux and chemical resistance, among other advantages.      


Enhancing Reverse Osmosis Membranes with Udel® PSU

Udel® PSU is the optimal solution for flat sheet and hollow fiber reverse osmosis projects when compared to polycarbonate or ceramic materials. Its strength and resistance to chemicals and structural stress make it a resilient choice for membrane manufacturers. Proven to extend the lifetime of components, larger amounts of water can be filtered through membranes composed of Udel® polymers due to its high flux rate and tailored selectivity. Udel® PSU’s superior performance and physical properties allow for superior processability, permeability and thermal tolerance profiles in membranes exposed to harsh conditions—resulting in less maintenance time.



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