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Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration

Maximum Fiber Strength and Chemical Resistance

Addressing Water Filtration Needs

Ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) are often used upstream in industrial treatment processes to filter unwanted particles, pathogens, and microorganisms from water prior to further treatment downstream. Traditional membrane materials employed in UF and MF often fail to deliver adequate resistance properties and physical performance, resulting in extended process downtime for maintenance and higher costs. 


Designing Reliable UF and MF Membranes with Solef® PVDF

Solef® PVDF is an ideal material for hollow fiber, flat sheet and tubular UF and MF membranes as it exhibits excellent strength and oxidative stability. These properties enable membranes based on Solef® PVDF to tolerate a wide variety of feed streams and cleaning methods, thereby expanding membrane lifespan, improving efficiency and reducing process downtime. Additionally, Solef® PVDF is high-purity in nature, without compromising resistance to chemicals, UV rays, aging and organic fouling. This material is available in pellet and powder forms, covering a vast range of potential molecular weights that allow for increased viscosity control and processing stability.


Veradel® PESU for UF and MF Filtration 

With similar strength and hydrolytic stability to polysulfones, Veradel® PESU is well-suited for membranes exposed to less harsh environments. Easy to process, Veradel® PESU enables excellent filtration performance and improves membrane longevity in a vast range of high-heat environments exposed to harsh cleaning cycles. It also exhibits strong antifouling behavior and alkaline condition resistivity up to pH 13. Common uses for Veradel® PESU include hollow fiber, tubular and flat sheet UF and MF membranes. 


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