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Our transactional process

Our objective is to ensure a seamless transactional process with our suppliers. To this end, we chose SAP Ariba platform to enable the dynamic exchange of documents such as purchase orders and invoices. Suppliers are being invited to connect and create an account on SAP Ariba platform(free of charge). For suppliers not yet invited on Sap Ariba, their existing process stays unchanged.

Disclaimer: The content of this page is managed by Solvay Global Business Services fully mandated to act on behalf of Syensqo for delegated procure-to-pay services.

Key requirements for transacting with Solvay

  • Prior to any execution of services or delivery of goods, a formal commitment should be received via a Purchase Order or any other contractual commitment
  • Digital acknowledgment of Purchase orders is enabled and recommended (via SAP Ariba or via Weblink in email).
  • Purchase order numbers must always be referenced on all your invoices, delivery notes, and related correspondence.

Need support

Is your question related to business?

E.g. wrong info on PO, payment overdue, etc. please refer to our FAQs

Still no answer? Please raise your request via the Supplier Inquiry Webform

*If you want to become a supplier, please fill this form

Is your question specifically related to Ariba?

E.g. cannot log on, password reset, account admin change, or else, please refer to our FAQs

You will find answers via  Supplier Information Portal (hosted on SAP Ariba)

Still no answer? Please raise your request via the Supplier inquiry webform (option: Ariba Commerce Automation)

* For Enterprise Account suppliers, you can always directly raise requests here to the SAP Ariba team.

Useful documents

English documents

Key requirements for transacting with Solvay - Procurement


Solvay Purchase General Terms and Conditions


SAP ARIBA Onboarding Process - Procurement


Solvay @ SAP Ariba

Introduction & Connection to SAP Ariba

Solvay has developed tutorials in many languages (please find them HERE) to help you to work with the platform SAP Ariba.

Steps to be onboarded on SAP Ariba

Solvay will contact each supplier prior to be onboarded on SAP Ariba.

sap ariba processus pour le website

Create a new SAP Ariba account

If you do not have yet an SAP Ariba Account.



Register and merge accounts

If you already have an SAP Ariba Account, you can merge your current account with the Solvay one using the instructions provided below.


Upgrade to an SAP Ariba Enterprise account

If you have been invited to connect as standard account, you can upgrade for free to an enterprise account 

Confirm entire order

Adding attachments during confirmation is not available for Solvay suppliers!
Guidelines to be updated soon!

Update line items - Partial confirmation

Backorder, split quantity and multiple item confirmation not available for Solvay suppliers! Tutorial & guidelines to be updated soon!


Use Solvay Invoice tracking portal to find the status of your submitted invoices.