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Disclaimer: The content of this page is managed by Solvay Global Business Services fully mandated to act on behalf of Syensqo for delegated procure-to-pay services.

Syensqo with SAP ARIBA

The Syensqo group has implemented a digital platform, SAP Ariba,  to exchange electronic purchase orders (PO) and invoices with its suppliers. Therefore, Purchase Orders (PO) will be sent to suppliers via the platform and invoices will also be submitted to Syensqo via the same platform.  

Once selected as “supplier” for Syensqo, you will be invited to join the platform (if that’s not done yet) according to Syensqo's strategy / timeline. Once the technical setup is done, using the Ariba platform will be a commercial requirement for our suppliers. The payment will only proceed once the invoices are posted on the platform. For suppliers not yet invited to SAP Ariba, the existing process stays unchanged.

Thus, we require all our suppliers to provide commercial and technical support to connect to Syensqo Ariba Platform.

You can find more information on our FAQ section, or the official website of SAP Ariba

Account types and onboarding process

  • At Syensqo, we use Enterprise Account and Integrated Account.
  • Which account type to use depends upon the agreement between Syensqo and the supplier and is usually based on the transaction volume and the goods / services types the supplier provides
  • The use of the platform is FREE of charge for the transactions with Syensqo.

Steps of onboarding for Enterprise Account

For detailed information, please refer to the SAP ARIBA section in our FAQ tab

Steps of onboarding for Integrated Account

For detailed information, please refer to the SAP ARIBA section in our FAQ tab

Step by step videos

Step by Step documents

How to create a new SAP ARIBA Standard Account


How to upgrade to an Enterprise account


How to register when you already have an SAP ARIBA Account


Help with SAP ARIBA Account

Questions specifically related to Ariba

Eg: cannot log in, password reset, account admin change, or else:

Supplier Information portal

Help with ARIBA Enterprise Account 

Enterprise Account suppliers can raise requests to the SAP Ariba team

Contact SAP ARIBA 

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