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Amodel® PPA


Design engineers specify Amodel® PPA to meet the demanding requirements of critical components where high heat, humidity and chemical resistance are major factors. 



Amodel® PPA has a long history of replacing metals (die cast Al and Mg) in automotive applications needing to withstand high temperatures, humidity and exposure to aggressive chemicals. This material is a major contributor to lightweighting solutions, helping OEMs design hybrid and electric vehicles that reduce fuel consumption, improve safety, and deliver energy efficiencies. Typical applications include thermostat housings, clutch cylinders, charge air coolers, heater cores, water pumps and battery pack cases. 

Amodel® PPA retains its high mechanical properties up to 230 °C and offers excellent chemical resistance to a wide variety of fuel blends, synthetic motor oil, automotive fluids, road salts, and acidic condensate. Glycol resistant grades retain their high mechanical properties after prolonged exposure to engine coolants at 130 °C. Electrically-friendly grades (AE) with non-corrosive heat stabilizers provide high-voltage resistance and retain dielectric properties at elevated temperatures.


Green Hydrogen

hydrogen vehicles

With superior dimensional stability, lower moisture uptake and enhanced chemical resistance, Amodel® PPA is ideal for use in fuel cell systems.  Amodel® PPA provides robust mechanical properties for components that require complex geometries for use in air systems and thermal management systems, such as water pumps, thermostatic multi-flow valves, knock-off valves, hydrogen injection components and electrical motors. Amodel® PPA is also advantageous in the design of fuel cell stack end plates due to its excellent processability. 


Electrical and Electronics


Amodel® PPA’s excellent heat resistance and electrical properties make it ideal for connectors, switches and other applications where it functions as an electrical insulator. Additional applications include controller housings and components used in electrical motors.  Amodel® PPA is compatible with SMT processing such as infrared reflow and vapor phase soldering. Halogen-free flame-retardant (HFFR) grades meet industry requirements for environmentally-friendly materials. Light-stabilized, high-reflectivity grades have been optimized for white reflector cups used to manufacture LEDs.   

Amodel® PPA is also used in structural components for smartphones. The material’s high strength and stiffness, superior flow and flatness, low flash and high gloss make it particularly suited for ultra-thin structural and cosmetic frames, camera lens holders, and electronic component module brackets like speaker receiver frames. 


Consumer & Construction

Food contact (FC) grades of Amodel® PPA meet U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and EU Commission Regulation10/2011. They provide long-term performance up to 120°C along with resistance to common household cleaners, oils, hot water and steam. These materials do not impart smell or taste, and they are free from BPA and BLS. This, combined with a high-quality surface finish, to enables Amodel® PPA to replace metal in a range of household appliances, providing greater design flexibility and significant cost savings for manufacturers. Typical applications include coffee brewing chambers, tubing, piping, and valve housings for consumer goods such as coffee machines, hot beverage appliances, and oven cookers.

Drinking water (DW) grades meet the requirements of independent global organizations, including NSF, KTW, DVGW, ACS and WRAS. These materials are compatible with nearly all parts of plumbing, heating and sanitary systems to produce non-corrosive, chemically-resistant products that extend service life. Amodel® PPA is suitable for applications having intermittent exposure to hot chlorinated water, including valves for hot water tanks and boilers, pumps, water meters, coffee machines and other household appliances.