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Amodel® PPA

Amodel® Supreme

The Industry’s highest performing PPA

Amodel® Supreme: The Ultimate in PPA Performance

Syensqo commercialized the industry’s first PPA in 1990, and now we’ve introduced the industry’s best PPA: Amodel® Supreme.  

Amodel® Supreme is a new PPA polymer that boasts the industry’s highest Tg of 165°C, giving design engineers a wider temperature range without encountering a thermal transition, easing some design considerations. The high Tg also helps to deliver higher mechanical performance than traditional PPA between 140-200°C.  

Amodel® Supreme also improves electrical property performance, including volume resistivity and dielectric strength above 150°C.  Additionally, these increased electrical properties are retained after heat aging. This creates new opportunities for PPA to be used in higher voltage electric systems, such as next-generation e-motors, inverters and power electronics.

Metal Replacement, Structural & Electrification

Amodel® Supreme products are based on our new 9000 Series base resin. These materials are an important addition to our growing portfolio of standard, structural and electrically-friendly grades, extending the performance capabilities of PPA beyond 150°C. All of these materials provide excellent glycol resistance.

New Amodel® Supreme PPA Grades
Grades (>3mm)

AS-9933 HS

AS-9950 HS


AE-9933 HS

AE-9950 HS

Amodel® Base ResinDescriptionTg, °C (°F) Tm, °C (°F) 
1000 SeriesFirst PPA introduced in 1990123 (253)313 (595)
4000 SeriesAuto Electronics and LEDs100 (212)320 (608)
6000 Series

Toughened Grades for 

Fuel System Components

88 (190)310 (590)
8000 SeriesAutomotive, Consumer 
and Plumbing
135 (275)325 (617)
9000 SeriesBest PPA introduced in 2020165 (340)325 (617)


Amodel Supreme_CTI after heat aging at 150°C