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Ixan® PVDC

Ixan® PVDC: High barrier packaging solution

Packaging systems are becoming more and more complex due to the demanding requirements of increasingly globalized supply chains. Therefore, manufacturers need innovative packaging solutions that guarantee their products stay fresh, safe and unaltered, even in difficult meteorological conditions such as tropical climates, until they are consumed.

Ixan® PVDC is a high barrier polymer with outstanding long-lasting water vapor and gas barrier properties making it the effective protection choice for advanced packaging and medical film solutions. Ixan® PVDC products are extrusion grades of PVDC barrier resins that prevent the transmission of water vapor, oxygen and the ingress of odors to maximize customer satisfaction,  minimize risk and create excellent pack appearance. 

Ixan® PVDC barrier film packaging solutions, suitable for both vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technologies are a reliable option for obtaining long shelf-life packaging to facilitate the whole supply chain process and reduce waste in  fresh and processed meats, fresh and frozen fish, cheese, dry fruit and vegetables, medical packaging and many other applications.

Why Ixan® PVDC?

  • Excellent water vapor and oxygen barrier (unaffected by changes in humidity)
  • Long term and stable permeability performance
  • Flavor and aroma barrier
  • Transparency
  • High shrinkability(40-60%)
  • Good mechanical resistance and toughness.
  • Broad sealing window
  • Pasteurisability, suitability for microwave
  • Printability
  • Fully integrated PVDC supplier
  • Industry-standard in product quality and consistency
  • Expert material advice and technical support

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Market Applications

For more than 50 years, Syensqo has been developing and commercializing PVDC extrusion resins and premixes for barrier packaging films that are widely used in the food and medical industries. The unique knowledge acquired from research in these Consumer and Healthcare markets areas has been successfully extended to other industries such as Oil & Gas, Industrial Coatings, Building & Construction.

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Product Line 

Ixan® PVDC product line consists of PVDC based copolymers that are available as ready-to-use base resin or as formulated premixes or dry blends. Ixan® PVDC grades are fully compatible with different film processing technologies such as double bubble, cast die or blown process. 

Different grades exhibiting various levels of permeability performance and stabilization packages are available for fulfilling the technical requirements of meat, cheese and medical packaging.