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We have conducted a proof of concept that involves a process to recycle Ixan® PVDC bioriented film from a post-industrial waste source without compromising on its performance. Contact us to learn more and pioneer change together. 


Food Packaging


Fresh Meat Packaging

Woman chooses a slice of ham and meat  in vacuum package at the grocery store

Fresh meat is a sensitive product that must be adequately protected against deterioration to preserve quality and shelf life. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging are widely used to protect fresh meats and both require very high barrier materials that prevent contact with external air and invasive bacteria, reduce internal water loss, and improve health and meat safety

Ixan® PVDC high-barrier packaging materials are ideal for both MAP and vacuum packaging processes providing an excellent and long-lasting barrier against water vapor and oxygen to preserve meat flavor and texture.

Meat packaging Ixan® PVDC resins and ready-to-use premixes can be extruded and co-extruded into films, including heat shrinkable films, and into thermoformable sheets.


Processed Meat Packaging

Specific Ixan® PVDC resins and ready-to-use premixes have  been developed for processed food packaging. The outstanding barrier performance provided by Ixan® PVDC to oxygen and water vapor is critical to extend the product’s shelf life, keep the food fresh, color unchanged, avoid any weight loss and guarantee aesthetically perfect packs. Ixan® PVDC provides the best solution for co-extruded multilayer films, including shrinkable films


Sausage Packaging

Extruded mono films with Ixan® PVDC can be used in sausage casings to provide excellent shelf-life and low weight loss during storage and distribution. This is due to their excellent and reliable gas and water vapor barrier properties, even in humid conditions. Other advantages of using Ixan® PVDC include controlled shrinkage, heat and high mechanical stress resistance, and suitability for pasteurization


Cheese Packaging

Cheese packaging must guarantee hygiene and preservation while seeking to maintain all the original organoleptic, physical, aromatic and flavour characteristics of the fresh product. Multilayer films containing Ixan® PVDC take full advantage of their exceptional barrier properties to prevent the ingress of undesired oxygen while providing ideal ripening and full flavor formation conditions that can be perfectly aligned in accordance with the type of cheese. Different Ixan® PVDC grades are available  to adapt to different gas barrier properties of the final packaging and  to control the aging of the cheese 


Dry fruit and vegetable Packaging

Dried foods are susceptible to moisture reabsorption and must be properly packaged to avoid spoilage and ensure the quality of the food throughout processing and transport. 

The outstanding barrier performance of Ixan® PVDC is the best choice for  dry fruit and vegetable packaging to keep the product safe from oxygen and water vapor. It also keeps it fresh, avoids flavor loss and extends its shelf life. 


Seafood packaging

Fish is one of the most highly perishable food products. Therefore, seafood packaging has the demanding requirement to keep the product fresh and intact, while protecting its often delicate texture and preserving its distinct flavor.

Ixan® PVDC provides the best solution for co-extruded multilayer films, including shrinkable films. The excellent barrier to oxygen and water vapor created by Ixan® PVDC is critical to keeping the barrier properties almost unchanged whatever the external conditions of humidity and temperature to improve shelf life even for delicate seafood.


Wrap Films

Ixan® PVDC can be combined with plasticized or semi-rigid PVC, both medium and high molecular weight, in the manufacture of  bioriented film for wrapping food products. Such films offer low permeability to steam and oxygen to keep foods, such as meat and cheese, fresh along with high clarity, good puncture resistance, elasticity and recovery. This type of film is made at very high speed in extrusion processes.

Thin plastic  bioriented films can be made using Ixan® PVDC, providing superior barrier properties versus all other food wrapping solutions, including protection from aroma losses and off-flavor transfer. These films are the benchmark for food protection in food wrapping.


Wine bottles caps 

The excellent impermeability of Ixan® PVDC makes it ideal for use in the production of multi-layer bottle caps as an alternative to traditional corks used in the wine market. The solution is applicable to all kinds of wines (white, rosé, red, sparkling) whatever the wine making method. In combination with the other layers, PVDC enables customized sealing and  predictable nano-oxygenation of wine after bottling. The use of this system gives advantages such as absence of cork taste, optimal protection of the aromas, organoleptic neutrality and increased wine preservation performance in agreement with the winemaker's intentions and the consumer's expectations.


Medical Packaging

Nurse prepares ostomy supplies for use with patient

In today’s evolving healthcare industry, pharmaceutical packaging is critical to ensure that medicines and pharmaceutical applications remain free of contaminants. Materials for pharmaceutical packaging must demonstrate exceptional chemical properties to resist environmental aggressions such as heat, air, light and moisture that could potentially damage the contents.

Ixan® PVDC high barrier polymer resins are ideal for designing barrier films for reliably safe medical grade pouching systems that require impermeability, mechanical strength, seam strength, gas & odor barrier and flexibility. In addition, our Ixan® PVDC resins and ready-to-use premixes enable manufacturers to provide pouching systems that don't irritate the skin and minimize  noise.


Other Applications

Thanks to its exceptional barrier performance, the use of Ixan® PVDC can also be extended to other markets and applications such as gas transportation equipment, protective clothes, or filtration membranes. Feel free to contact us for more information.