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Barrier Properties

Ixan® PVDC provides an excellent barrier to both oxygen and water vapor, while most other barrier polymers offer protection from just one or the other.



Stable Permeability Performance

Compared to some other barrier materials such as Polyamides, EVOH, or mXD6, Ixan® PVDC exhibits stable long-lasting permeability performance which is not influenced by surrounding environments such as relative humidity.



Ixan® PVDC Special Combination of Properties Delivers Unique Capabilities

The versatile property profile of Ixan® PVDC grades means they can satisfy complex packaging requirements by simplifying film structures to only 3-5 layers. In medical applications such as ostomy bags, it allows patients to lead an active life in the sure knowledge that there will be no leakage.

Complete Food Approvals Compatibility

Ixan® PVDC base resins and formulated premixes are compatible with all global food contact approvals. Compatibility certificates can be obtained by request.