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Naternal™ Excel SGI

Beauty is Regeneration. Regeneration is Beauty

The ultra-clear biodegradable and COSMOS-approved conditioning polymer

Naternal™ Excel SGI is produced from guar grown in farmer villages of Rajasthan, India, which are part of our Sustainable Guar Initiative program. It is a unique bio-based COSMOS-approved conditioning polymer ideal for transparent formulations. It is optimized for effective wet and dry conditioning to normal and slightly damaged hair with no build-up. Thanks to its excellent compatibility with anionic and amphoteric surfactants, it provides stable and high foam volume, contributing to a more pleasurable sensory experience.


Naternal™ Excel SGI is classified as Inherently Ultimately Biodegradable - Score B - following the Beauty Biodeg Score, a scale created by Syensqo experts based on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) guidelines, precisely the OECD 301 F and OECD 302 B. 


What consumer needs does it address?

  • Naturally-derived ingredient for beauty care formulations
  • High-performance conditioner for targeted hair types at both wet and dry stages
  • Optimal sensory experience with a stable and high foam


Naternal™ Excel SGI conditioner for slightly damaged hair and baby hair

  • Ideal for transparent and clear formulations, also offering clarity in sulfate-free systems
  • Optimized wet and dry conditioning for normal to slightly damaged hair
  • Stable and high foam for a more pleasurable experience
  • Can be associated with Dermalcare® LIA MB to address the damaged hair types