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Dermalcare® Range

Dermalcare® LIA MB

Specialty Emollients for Hair and Skin Care

Powering sustainable and high-performing beauty care

Dermalcare® LIA MB showcases an outstanding green profile. This emollient is produced from the waste of renewable feedstocks, sugarcane on the one hand and sustainable palm Kernel (RSPO MB) on the other. It is 100% plant-based (Ino = 1 according to ISO 16128), readily biodegradable, non-ecotoxic, and COSMOS-certified. Also, it was recently certified as a microbiome-friendly ingredient. Dermalcare® LIA MB is the right answer to consumers' call for cleaner beauty. 

Additionally, Dermalcare® LIA MB meets consumers' expectations for efficacy and enhanced sensory experience. Usually, this level of performance can only be reached with silicone agents, until now. 


A circular beauty ingredient for regenerative beauty

At Syensqo, circular economy is a priority to tackle climate change and resource scarcity. Therefore, it is essential to collaborate with peers, customers, and organizations to shift from a linear model to a circular one.

Dermalcare LIA MB circular economy

Dermalcare® LIA MB combines isoamyl alcohol produced from a waste of the sugarcane bioethanol production (fusel oil) and lauric acid derived from RSPO MB palm kernel oil, a waste of the food industry. At the end of its cycle, Dermalcare® LIA MB is readily biodegradable and regenerating biomass. 


Dermalcare® LIA MB is now Microbiome-friendly certified 

Dermalcare® LIA MB_Microbiome-Friendly Certification

An undamaged skin microbiome has a crucial impact on skin health. Our natural 100% plant-based, readily biodegradable ester, Dermalcare® LIA MB, successfully passed the test procedure according to the MyMicrobiome Standard. It is therefore entitled to carry the "Microbiome-friendly" seal of quality, making it a skin-friendly ingredient that helps maintain the balance of consumers' skin. 

The MyMicrobiome Standard evaluates cosmetic and personal care products that encounter the skin or mucous membrane regarding their influence on the microbiome located at a specific body site.

The universal silicone alternative

Why do we need an alternative to silicones? Silicones are known to provide softness and shine to hair, making it look healthy and more manageable. However, silicones are negatively perceived for many reasons, ranging from downsides such as build-up on hair to environmental issues related to the low biodegradability profile of certain silicones. 

For silicone-free skin care formulations 

When used in a skin care formulation, Dermalcare® LIA MB enhances the lightness and the spreadability of the formula and reduces tackiness. It grants similar sensory benefits compared to formulas containing silicones, making it ideal for designing silicone-free skin care products. Dermalcare® LIA MB also displays good pigment-wetting properties, making it suitable for applications such as sunscreens & other pigment-containing formulations. 

For silicone-free hair care formulations 

When used in a hair care formulation, Dermalcare® LIA MB is a real winning silicone alternative that can substitute non-volatile silicones such as amodimethicone in shampoos, rinse-off solutions, or leave-in conditioners. Additionally, it enables formulators to design clear shampoos without adding a solubilizer. Dermalcare® LIA MB can be used for all hair types, from Caucasian to Asian and textured hair

Benefits of Dermalcare® LIA MB versus silicones in hair care applications 

Dermalcare® LIA MB not only provides easy combing and detangling and leaves the consumer with radiant hair. It also exceeds expectations compared to traditional silicone alternatives with a range of additional benefits such as natural feel, weightless hair conditioning, and no build-up upon repeated use. A natural modern touch!

Dermalcare® LIA MB table


A major step towards carbon neutrality

From cradle to gate, Dermalcare® LIA MB makes a significant difference in carbon footprint reduction compared to silicones and petro-based esters : 

  • -1.2 KG CO2 EQ/KG for Dermalcare® LIA MB
  • +2.3 KG CO2 EQ/KG for Isopropyl Myristate 
  • +4.7 KG CO2 EQ/KG for Amodimethicone
Dermalcare® LIA MB makes a difference in carbon footprint reduction compared to silicones and petro-based esters

For more information on Dermalcare® LIA MB, please contact our experts or if you are interested in trying the ingredient, request a sample

Dermalcare® LIA MB at a glance!

  • Conditioning agent
  • Softening agent
  • Dispersing agent
  • Spreadability
  • Pleasant feel
  • Shine and radiance
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Shampoos & rinses
  • Conditioners & masks
  • Creams and lotions
  • Sunscreens

Dermalcare® LIA MB is not a like-for-like alternative to volatile silicones such as cyclomethicone.

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