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Rheomer® SH
Rheozan® Range


Natural Rheology Polymers for Personal Care and Home Care Formulations

The natural rheology polymer for green cleaning!

Rheozan® is a unique product offered by Syensqo. It allows formulators great flexibility by providing thickening in extreme pH applications such as toilet bowl cleaners. With a similar structure as xanthan, Rheozan® has a 100% RCI and will contribute to the improvement of the eco-toxic profile of your products.


What consumer needs does it answer?

  1. Readily biodegradable polymer sourced from natural ingredients
  2. Easy to use due to pseudoplastic thickening properties
  3. Good adhesion to surfaces for more efficiency 

"Rheozan® is the best solution to replace traditional rheology modifiers to formulate naturally-based cleaners like toilet or bathroom cleaners. It surpasses xanthan in many fields with better adhesion to surfaces and higher performance in highly acidic matrixes."

Max Chabert, Global Marketing Manager, Home Care at Syensqo

Main attributes of Rheozan®

  • Shear-thinning property to ensure ease-of-use
  • Better adhesion to surfaces compared to xanthans 
  • Easy-to-process, cold-water soluble
  • Very stable at low pH, high temperature, and high electrolyte media
  • Stabilizing power to allow suspension of particles
  • Clear formulations are feasible
  • Renewable carbon index of 100%
  • Compatible with EU Ecolabel for hard surface cleaners, hand dishwashing, and laundry detergents


Rheozan® at a glance! 





  • Thickening agent 
  • Viscosity modifier 
  • Suspension aid 
  • Good adhesion to surfaces 
  • Clear formulation  
  • Easily soluble 
  • PH stable 
  • Biodegradable 
  • 100% natural origin
  • Toilet bowl cleaners