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Rheomer® SH
Rheozan® Range

Rheozan® SH

Natural Rheology Polymers for Personal Care and Home Care Formulations

The natural rheology polymer for clean beauty 

Rheozan® SH is a natural COSMOS-validated rheology modifier for personal care formulations. This high-performing succinoglycant is a polymeric rheology modifier produced by pure fermentation of Agrobacterium Tumefaciens, purified upon recovery and powdered for easy handling and processing.

Its shear-thinning rheology and wide pH tolerance make it an excellent stabilizer of oil-in-water personal care formulations.


What consumer needs does it answer?

  1. 100% naturally-sourced
  2. Pleasurable texture
  3. Designed for prestige skin care formulations
  4. Ecocert and COSMOS-validated

"Rheozan® SH meets current consumer demand for cosmetic products that are made of natural ingredients."

Anne Thomasson, Global Key Account Manager at Syensqo

Main attributes of Rheozan® SH

  • Efficient in the presence of acidic actives with advanced thickening and suspension properties
  • A wide pH range compatibility
  • Very versatile as it is both hot and cold processable 
  • Provides a unique sensory experience: smooth, velvet skin feel and eliminates tackiness 
  • Ideal for prestige skin care formulations where excellent skin feel is a key


Rheozan® SH at a glance! 





  • Thickening agent
  • Viscosity modifiers 
  • Dispersing & spread-ability agent 
  • Smoothing and calming 
  • Non-tacky 
  • Wide PH compatibility 
  • Cold processable 
  • Lotions & creams
  • Color cosmetics
  • Facial masks
  • Anti-ageing serums