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Rheomer® SH

Rheozan® Range

Natural Rheology Polymers for Personal Care and Home Care Formulations

Rheozan® is Syensqo unique range of rheology modifiers. These advanced ingredients allow formulators great flexibility by providing thickening properties in extreme pH applications with a similar structure as xanthan. Additionally, our Rheozan® range helps stabilize hydrocolloid, which creates an aqueous solution of high viscosity and high yield.

This range has a 100% RCI, which contributes to the improvement of the natural profile of your products.


What are rheology modifiers? 

Rheology modifiers are designed to give formulators unmatched control over the viscosity, suspension, and texture of advanced personal care and home care solutions. 

For formulators and manufacturers, the thickening and suspension polymers ensure long-term stability to the products put on the shelves. For consumers, the texture before and during use provides a memorable sensory experience to encourage product repurchase.

Our entire portfolio of super xanthans for acidic formulations is non-eco-toxic and many are COSMOS-certified.

Discover our Rheozan® portfolio

  • Thickening agent 
  • Viscosity modifiers 
  • Suspension aid 
  • Better adhesion to surfaces 
  • Clear formulation 
  • Easily soluble 
  • PH stable  
  • Biodegradable 
  • 100% natural origin
  • Thickening agent 
  • Viscosity modifiers 
  • Dispersing & spreadability agent 
  • Soothing and calming 
  • Non-tacky 
  • Wide PH compatibility 
  • Cold processable 
  • Suspension aid
  • Rheology agent
  • Natural origin
  • Readily biodegradable
  • High RCI
  • No impact on viscosity
  • Stable across a wide range of pH
  • Ready-to-use liquid solution
  • High suspension power