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Combine hot compression with resin injection for a sub 3 minute cure

HP-RTM combines hot compression molding with resin injection. A dry pre-consolidated preform is inserted into the mold mounted in the press. Once the press is closed and at the right temperature, the specifically developed HP-RTM resin is injected at pressures up to to 200 bar, filling the tool and flowing all throughout the preform.

Key Benefits:

  • Sub 3 minute cure
  • Total takt time of sub 5 minutes depending on part size
  • Highly automatable processing (preforms through to post mold processing)
  • Structural integrity on hot demolding with Solvalite™ 750
  • Excellent structural performance
  • Internal release agent compatible
  • Particularly suited to complex geometries

Typical Applications:

  • Serial manufacture of automotive body structure components such as floor pans, sidewall panels, crush cans, bulkheads