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Carbon Fiber

The underlying strength of our composite materials

Syensqo offers a range of carbon fiber products that deliver superior structural, thermal, electrical and frictional performance for a variety of unique applications, including brakes, defense systems, and commercial aircraft. 

Advantages of carbon fiber-reinforced composites:

  • Lightweight when compared with metal structures
  • Part manufacturing flexibility 
  • Heat resistance
  • High strength-to-weight ratio

Carbon fiber manufacturing capacity

Syensqo maintains a stable, comprehensive and competitive supply of high-quality carbon fiber in support of our global composites manufacturing. With vertical integration capability, we offer customers streamlined product platform development and long-term supply stability.


Syensqo acquired European Carbon Fiber GmbH in 2017, a manufacturing site for PAN-based 50k precursor located in Kelheim, Germany. This acquisition will position Syensqo to provide new carbon fibers with superior structural performance and competitive cost in support of the ongoing industrialization of composite materials.