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Recycling Composites

Eliminate prepreg cut offs and carbon fiber disposal by ensuring 100% material utilization

When looking at serial production of CFRP parts, recycling becomes a key part of the equation. The opportunity in recycling prepregs is how to strip away the resin from the fibers while preserving the properties of the fibers and therefore enabling these to be reused to manufacture parts. The focus when recycling dry fibers is to recover the fiber with minimal impact to the fiber length to preserve mechanical performance.


Key Benefits:

  • Targeting elimination of prepreg offcuts
  • 100% utilization of the composite materials; this is typically achieved when pressing sheet metal
  • Eliminate disposal of valuable carbon fiber products
  • Eliminate expensive landfill costs for fiber and resin waste streams


  • Syensqo’s recycling technology enables the production of a Recyclate Molding Compound
  • Resultant RMC can be co-molded with conventional prepreg
  • Allows for the addition of localized features and overmolding bosses, ribs, inserts etc. 
  • Can enable 100% material utilization

Typical Applications:

  • Non structural components such as brackets, ribs, bosses, etc.