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Fuel Injector O-Rings

Superior Seal Optimization


Reliable, Long Life Seals

Powertrain designers are heading back to the drawing board to find ways to improve powertrain efficiency through lightweighting, electrification and optimizing seals throughout the engine, transmission and fuel systems. High-performance Specialty Polymers are particularly suited for demanding sealing applications where reliable, long service life is essential. 

Developing Clean Efficiency

Powertrain designers need to take into consideration regulations targeting evaporative emissions from fuel systems and exhaust-based emissions containing particulates, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides. So, they have a difficult challenge as they need to focus on the goal of developing a clean and efficient propulsion system without sacrificing power.



Compatible with Aggressive Fluids

Tecnoflon® FKM is a high-performance fluoropolymer that is particularly suited for demanding sealing applications. It is compatible with a wide range of fluids and chemicals including automotive lubricants, fuels and additives. It is typically used for O-rings, seals, gaskets and turbocharger hoses.

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