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Air Ventilation Duct

Turbocharging Fuel Economy


It’s Hot Under the Hood

Components found under the hood of a vehicle have to be able to withstand the demanding environment of high temperatures, humidity, and exposure to aggressive chemicals. High Performance Specialty Polymers have replaced die-cast aluminum in engine cooling systems for over 20 years. 

Air Management is a Key Performance Factor

As new fuel economy and emissions standards push the development of new technologies, the engine is undergoing a significant evolution. A critical factor in today’s high performing, compact engines is the cooling system. Advanced thermal management systems not only improve overall performance but also bring significant additional benefits in fuel economy and emissions. 


Proven Resistance

Amodel® PPA and Ryton® PPS offer excellent dimensional stability in corrosive, high temperature environments. They also demonstrate superior fatigue and impact resistance, exceptional strength at 130 °C (266 °F) even after prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals used in engine cooling and turbocharging systems.



Save 10 – 30% in fuel consumption

The exceptional heat and chemical resistance of Ryton® PPS accounts for its broad acceptance in thermal management components used in turbocharged engines which are designed to save 10 – 30% in fuel consumption.


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