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Turbocharger Hose

Withstand High Heat and Acid Gas

Flexibility at Below-Zero Temperatures


Turbocharger hoses, as part of air management systems in today’s downsized engines, need to endure high heat and acidic environments. High-performance Specialty Polymers are particularly suited for such demanding conditions with the added advantage of maintaining their flexibility even at below freezing temperatures. 

Developing Clean Efficiency

Powertrain designers need to take into consideration regulations targeting evaporative emissions from fuel systems and exhaust-based emissions containing particulates, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides. It’s a difficult challenge as they need to focus on the goal of developing a clean and efficient propulsion system without sacrificing power.


Resistance to Heat, Acid Gas and Pulsating Pressure


Turbocharger hoses made from Tecnoflon® FKM are used in air management systems because they can withstand exit air temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) and prolonged exposure to acid gas and pulsating pressure. Hoses with a small bending radius can fit into tight spaces and they remain flexible even at sub-zero temperatures. 

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