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How Metal Replacement in Performance Sports Improves Sustainability

In nearly every major industry today, sustainability is becoming increasingly important as businesses commit to creating innovative products and solutions that minimize negative environmental impact. Specifically, in the sporting equipment industry, metal replacement is a reliable method to promote sustainability efforts while simultaneously improving performance. To ensure a positive consumer experience while promoting sustainability, sporting goods manufacturers can rely on specialty polymers and elastomers to replace metals and provide excellent end-user experiences.


Sustainability in Processing

Metal replacement in sporting goods and equipment offers lightweighting benefits, lower manufacturing costs and options for more sustainable processing. Through parts consolidation, functions integration and the elimination of secondary operations, manufacturing with polymers and injection molding results in more efficient processing that reduces carbon footprints. Limiting production steps means manufacturers save on operational costs and decrease the energy producers use during processing.

Syensqo’s materials for sporting goods can also improve manufacturing sustainability by promoting design flexibility for producers. With our specialty polymers, like Ixef® PARA, that can be used for injection molding in thin-walled parts, manufacturers enjoy increased design freedom as they develop innovative sporting goods with improved sustainability profiles. High-performance sporting equipment that can be made with fewer materials reduces waste and promotes more sustainable processing methods.


Sustainability in Sporting Goods

Polymer-based sporting goods last longer and are more reliable than equipment made with lower quality plastics, which means athletes can purchase sports products less often and limit unnecessary plastic usage with this improved durability and long-term performance. Additionally, performance sports equipment made with specialty polymers can reduce the operational and environmental costs that come from frequent metal processing. Syensqo’s specialty polymers for sporting goods allow for more simplified and sustainable processes when used in various consumer sports products.