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Sporting Goods and Equipment

Unmatched Performance, Reliability, and Aesthetics for Sports Equipment

As the sporting goods industry continues to evolve, equipment manufacturers must be able to adapt and provide innovative solutions for the most significant challenges in high-performance sporting environments. Today’s athletes have unique requirements from their equipment, including the need for higher modulus, outstanding strength and stiffness and engaging aesthetics. 

Syensqo's global development team is ready to develop ideal material solutions that offer tangible end-use benefits as well as processing improvements in a range of sporting goods applications.


An Unmatched Portfolio of Polyamides

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-performance polymers and elastomers, Syensqo has wide-ranging experience in equipping manufacturers with the ideal materials for a variety of demanding applications. Sporting goods producers can rely on material solutions from Syensqo to promote outstanding end-use products for the most challenging sporting requirements.

As advanced materials continue to replace traditional materials, Syensqo also leads the way in creating innovative polymer stabilizers for the most demanding applications.